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Customization of metal cutting tools and wood cutting tools is not a problem at General cutting tools. We have been customizing tools for our customers for over 30 years with many satisfied customers.

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December 20, 2014

Gold-Max 4 FFIN Finishing Face Mill

Check out the video of Ingersoll’s GoldMax 4 FFIN face mill.
You can have high quality finishes without the need for finish grinding.

December 18, 2014

High-Quality Finishes That Can Eliminate The Need For Finish Grinding

Ingersoll Cutting Tools

General Cutting Tools – Chicago distributor

GoldMax 4 FFIN Finishing Face Mill

Super Finishing High Feed Face Mills

Cutter diameters available from 3″ through 8″

Inserts have four (4) cutting edges with built in wiper.

Micro finishing at 4x the depth of cut.

Multiple carbide insert grades for all material types.

General Cutting Tools is your complete source for Ingersoll Cutting Tools.  For more information, contact us.  847.677.8770

GoldMax 4 ffin

October 27, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Chicago – Grooving, Parting and Turning

Grooving, parting and turning with 4 cutting edges with chip former.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools Gold-Flex Quad Groove Line

Ingersoll is pleased to officially introduce Gold-Flex, the new product line that features a 4-edged insert for multifunctional operations. Suitable for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining, Gold-Flex provides excellent performance, repeatability and economy.

Gold-Flex inserts feature a high-positive chip former that enables machining in multiple applications while providing excellent chip control in plunging and lateral turning operations. The result is excellent surface finish as the chips are broken and moved away from the work piece.

The clamping system features a side torx screw and 3 cGoldFlexPicPR_240wontact points for stability and durability under demanding machining conditions. Insert indexing and changing is simple and accurate, and combined with the 4 cutting edge feature makes Gold-Flex an economical and efficient tooling system. This unique clamping design also protects the cutting edges that are not in use. Thus, if one or more of the edges are broken, the insert can simply be indexed to a new edge without adversely affecting the insert seating position.

Gold-Flex is available in widths from .020” to .125” (.5mm – 3.18mm). Lead angles and full radius inserts are also available as standard items. All inserts are available in grade TT9080, a versatile grade suitable for machining a wide variety of materials.

For more information on Gold-Flex, please contact General Cutting Tools, your Ingersoll Cutting Tools sales representative located in Chicago.

August 23, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools ISO-Plus Milling Cutter

August 21, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools ISO-Plus Milling Cutter

Ingersoll cutting tools distributor Chicago, Illinois
ISO-Plus Quad 90 degree 8 cutting edges per insert milling cutters

This milling cutter is available in diameters from 2″ up to 8″.

Two Sided Technology is incorporated to the ISO Quad inserts for an Ingersoll Exclusive product named ISO Plus. Users benefit by doubling their cutting edges from 4 to 8 while also taking advantage of clean shearing pressed rake face performance for ideal machining efficiency.

Features & Benefits include:
• 8 positive cutting edges with 90° shoulder
• .50” max depth of cut
• .24” depth of cut along 90° shoulder
• Medium and high density cutter offerings
• 2.00 to 8.00” diameter range
• Cutters equipped with coolant through


Uses Inserts:
SNGU13 IN2505
SNGU13 IN2510
SNGU13 IN2530
SNGU13 IN2540
SNGU13 IN4030
SNGU13 IN6515
SNGU13 IN4015

• Stainless Steel
• Hi-temp Alloys
• Iron
• Steel

July 14, 2014

Ingersoll Gold Twist Expansion

Ingersoll distributor Chicago

Ingersoll’s new Gold Twist series of quick change drill tips & bodies have been gaining popularity throughout North America with proven performance and productivity gains. In light of this, we are pleased to announce several areas of expansion:

Body Expansion:
We now offer 1.5xD bodies to complement our existing 3xD, 5xD and 8xD bodies.  These new, stubbier drills allow the end user to make short, accurate holes with minimum overhang. This promotes maximum stability, performance and tool life.  In addition, the 1.5xD bodies are recommended for drilling a perfectly matched pilot hole for deeper, 8xD applications.

Introduction of a full line-up of cylindrical shank bodies in 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD and 8xD. These bodies provide improved performance and accuracy when mated with a hydraulic or shrink fit tool holder, particularly in applications over 5xD.

Expanded range of body diameters from 7mm – 25mm.

New Tip Sizes:
Ingersoll can better meet the end-users requirements with expanded tip diameters. Available now: 7.0mm – 25.9mm for the P & M geometries and 10.0mm – 19.9mm for the K geometry, with 7.0mm – 7.9mm and 20.0mm – 25.9mm available soon.

New Geometries:
M Geometry (TMA) – For Stainless Steel & High Temp Alloys. Available now!
K Geometry (TKA) – For Cast Iron. Available now!
The M and K geometries are an excellent addition to our P Geometry (TPA) for Steel

1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD and 8xD Weldon & Cylindrical Shanks

7.0-25.9 mm

TPA – Steel
TMA – Stainless Steel
TKA – Cast Iron

Die & Mold
General Purpose
Aero Space
Heat Exchangers

July 11, 2014

Step Reamers with Cutting or Non-Cutting Pilot

Custom Step Reamers
HSS Step Reamer
Carbide Step Reamer
Carbide Tipped Step Reamer
Coolant Fed Step Reamer

Custom step reamers are perfect for combining multiple hole sizing and hole chamfering into one tool.

Our step reamers are made on 7 axis CNC tool cutter grinders to insure the highest quality and repeatablity when ordering again.

Tool coatings are also available.

Contact us for more information about step drills or custom step drills.

General Cutting Tools
Phone: 847.677.8770
Fax: 847.677.8786

July 9, 2014

Special Step drills, Custom Step Drills

General Cutting Tools manufacturers high speed steel step drills, carbide tipped step drills and solid carbide step drills.  We use 7 Axis CNC tool cutter grinders to make high quality tools for your application.

Included in the tool are the primary and secondary clearances as well as a flute form specifically designed to suit the application.  This results in higher yields, longer tool life and better performance of the step drill.

Tool coating are also available.

Contact us for more information about step drills or custom step drills.

General Cutting Tools
Phone: 847.677.8770
Fax: 847.677.8786

July 7, 2014

YG1 I-Dream Drill Holders

YG1 Cutting Tools distributor Chicago

YG1 High Performance i-Dream drilling system holders

i-Dream drill holders feature
Special Alloy Steels that maintains its hardness and toughness under high temperatures with generous coolant holes for effective coolant flow.
Innovative surface treatment that improves wear resistance and reduces corrosion.
High Performance flute design allowing maximum chip evacuation and minimum interference.

YG1 i-Dream drill inserts are available in diameters range of 12mm to 31.75mm (.4724 to 1.2500)

General Cutting Tools is your complete source for YG1 cutting tools.  For more information on the YG1 i-Dream drilling system or any other YG1 tool, please contact us.


July 4, 2014

Grinding wheel dressing

Here are some tips and guides for using tools to dress and true your grinding wheels for success from Norton Abrasives and Tools Illinois aka General Cutting Tools. Before a grinding wheel even touches a workpiece, it must first be trued and dressed, usually by a stationary diamond dressing tool. If you do this task right, then you can be sure that the wheel and parts coming off the machine are probably ground right. It’s true: everything the tool does to the wheel, the wheel does to the part. That’s why you should always begin troubleshooting grinding operations with a quick review of the truing and dressing processes. After all, truing and dressing are where the grinding process really begins.

By definition, truing ensures that the wheel is properly formed and that its spin is concentric to the mounting spindle. Dressing ensures that the abrasive particles are sharp during production grinding.

Each time a wheel is taken off a grinding machine, it must be re-trued. After production begins, the wheel should be occasionally dressed to restore its grains’ sharpness.

The rumors are true. Sharp diamond tools create sharp wheels, and dull tools produce dull wheels. Sharp wheels (also called open wheels) can remove the maximum amount of workpiece material during grinding. In lay terms, grinding with a sharp wheel is often fast and easy. By contrast, dull wheels (also called closed wheels) remove less material, often making grinding slow and hard. In addition to cutting less, dull abrasives literally rub the part and create smoother or lower surface-finish readings on the workpiece(s).

Sharp, open wheels are generally the preferred wheel condition. They tend to produce higher surface-finish readings and may require some intentional dulling to lower finish readings.

Creating an open (sharp) wheel is easy: Either 1) use a new stationary dressing tool or 2) move a tool – new or old – fast across the grinding wheel. Closed wheels simply require the opposite: 1) Use a dull tool, or 2) move the tool slowly across the wheel.

To ensure that your tools last a long time, pay close attention to some key parameters when dressing conventional wheels:

Wheel removal per dress pass. On aluminum oxide wheels, we recommend removing 0.001 inches (on the wheel radius) per dress pass. Reduce this amount by 25 percent when dressing silicon carbide or seeded-gel (SG) wheels, and reduce it by 50 percent when dressing Norton® Altos® (self-dressing ceramic aluminum oxide) wheels.

  • Taking off too much wheel per dress pass overheats the diamond and often causes chipping.
  • Taking off too little per dress pass, the sound of the dress to get louder, the finish tends to drop, and size/taper issues become evident.

The speed at which the tool moves across the wheel. Run tools using a single diamond at one speed across the wheel, and those using multiple diamonds three times faster. Remember, the slower a tool moves across the wheel, the lower the part’s surface-finish readings will be:

  • For single points, chisels and cone point tools – Traverse Rate (the speed the tool moves across the wheel) in inches per minute = 0.006 x grinding wheel RPM*.
  • For blades, grit (nib) tools and clusters – Traverse Rate (the speed the tool moves across the wheel) in inches per minute = 0.018 x grinding wheel RPM*.

* To calculate wheel RPM, divide Wheel SFPM (surface feet per minute) by (0.2618 x wheel diameter).

Avoid power dressing. If you need to reduce new wheel truing times, use an old tool as a roughing tool and save new(er) tools for production.

Creating Wheel Conditions

Open (Sharp) Wheel

  • Generally preferred wheel condition
  • Creates maximum wheel material removal
  • Typically requires a new dressing tool
  • Move the tool faster across the wheel
  • Typically produces high finish readings

Closed (Dull) Wheel

  • Wheel conditioning you may need
  • Minimum wheel material removal
  • Typically requires a worn dressing tool
  • Move the tool slower across the wheel
  • Produces lower finish readings
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