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Customization of metal cutting tools and wood cutting tools is not a problem at General cutting tools. We have been customizing tools for our customers for over 30 years with many satisfied customers.

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April 19, 2016

Increase Tool Life by 30% with the Fullerton Tool’s Fantom 2.0

Increase tool life by up to 30% with our 5-flute advanced performance end mill – the Fantom 2.0!  The Fantom 2.0 is one of our most stable, robust cutters that allows for heavier chip loads in Steels, Stainless Steels, Super Alloys and Titanium.Fullerton Tool Fantom 2.0

Its enhanced edge strength increases productivity and lowers cost per part.

General Cutting Tools is your complete source for Fullerton Tool.

The Fantom 2.0 End Mill is great to use in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical
  • Mold & Die
  • Power Generation
  • Recreational
  • Small Engine

Want more information about the Fantom 2.0 End Mill or any of our other products?  Contact General Cutting Tools for more information.

CLICK HERE to Download the Fantom 2.0 Flyer!


December 28, 2015

Onsrud Honeycomb Compression Routing Tool

Trust the routing tool that lasts longer and delivers a better finish.

When faced with routing Falcon Board®, BioBoard™ or other challenging graphic display board material, nothing else performs like the 66-400 Series Solid Carbide Compression from Onsrud.

Onsrud cutting tool dealer in Chicago.LMT Onsrud Cardboard HCC

Introducing the Newest Solid Carbide Cardboard Honeycomb Compression Routing Tool

Optimized Cutting Edge Pattern for Shearing Cardboard Honeycomb Core

Compression Style Flute Configuration for Optimal Finish
Innovative Coating for Cutting Edge Protection


If you face challenges of routing Falcon Board®, BioBoard™ or other similar materials used for graphic display boards, you should be using the 66-400 Series Solid Carbide Compression from Onsrud.

LMT Onsrud Cardboard HCC

Part Number Cutting Dia LOC UpCut LOC Shank OAL Flutes
66-405 3/8 1 1/8 0.250 3/8 3 6
66-410 1/2 1 1/8 0.300 1/2 3 6
66-415 1/2 2 1/8 0.300 1/2 4 6

General Cutting Tools is your complete LMT Onsrud distributor.  Contact us for more information on the CARDBOARD HCC high performance router bits or on any other LMT Onsrud item.


December 11, 2015

Consider the 3 Flute End Mill – Morse Cutting Tools

The Best Tool for Many Applications

Morse Cutting Tools distributor Chicago

The Morse Solid Carbide Three-Flute End Mill is a good choice when the application calls for rapid chip evacuation, as in slotting, and for profile milling or finish milling.  The three-flute geometry provides good chip management and produces a better surface finish than two-flute end mills.Morse Cutting Tools 3-flute end mills

Click to View Catalog Page

  • Solid Carbide
  • Bright Finish & TiALN Coated
  • Square End & Ball Nose
  • Sizes 1/32″ thru 1″

General Cutting Tools is a complete Morse Cutting Tools distributor in Chicago.

For more information on these 3-flute end mills, or any other Morse Cutting Tool product, please contact us.  We are always here to help.

December 1, 2015

Onsrud MaxQ End Mill

Onsrud Cutting Tool Distributor in Chicago, Illinois.

Designed for Maximum Speeds and Feed Rates while extending tool life and minimizing edge wear.

Variable Index, Dual Helix
4 flutes and 5 flutes
Specially Designed for Maximum Speeds and Feed Rates

In aerospace engineering, the maximum dynamic pressure or MaxQ, is the point at which aerodynamic stress on a vehicle in atmospheric flight is maximized. It is an important factor as it determines the flight envelope (or productivity) of a vehicle.  The MaxQ end mills from LMT Onsrud will allow you to maximize your classic milling techniques in demanding applications across a broad range of materials. Providing the versatility for slot milling to high speed machining, MaxQ can achieve unmatched material removal rates. From pocketing to profiling MaxQ delivers the maximum in productivity. Onsrud MaxQ

  • Machines high strength alloys as easily as it machines steel
  • Broad technique range from slotting to profiling
  • Optimized 4 & 5 flute geometry for maximum feed rates
  • Full radial engagement up to 1 times diameter deep
  • ENDURASpeed coating for maximum heat resistance
  • Unmatched material removal rates

Versatility from slotting to profiling to pocketing.  The MaxQ Series can handle them all.

Unmatched material removal rates.  The MaxQ features re-imagined geometry that maximizes material removal rates.

ENDURASpeed coating provides maximum heat resistance.  Decrease edge wear and increase tool life with ENDURASpeed.Onsrud MaxQ

When faced with a new challenging material for an aerospace component, MaxQ maximized our return on investment with over 4 times the tool life.

General Cutting Tools is a complete Onsrud tool dealer.  Contact us for more information on the new Onsrud MaxQ or any other LMT Onsrud item.  (more…)

November 4, 2015

High Performance Drilling in Carbon Fiber (CFRP)


RobbJack tool distributor Chicago

Solid PCD-Tipped W-Point Drill, designed specifically for Carbon Fiber Composites.

This powerful, newly developed tool had all the features needed to do the job right, including:

  • A solid polycrystalline diamond tip that outperforms diamond coating in materials with high plastic content, maintaining its edge longer
  • A sharp outer edge that cleanly shears the material without delamination, uncut fibers or fiber pullout
  • An innovative W-point geometry that supports the material as it pierces through
  • Tool life 25 times longer than traditional carbide drills in CFRP applications—and can be extended even further with re-sharpening



    When drilling carbon fiber–reinforced polymer (CFRP) wing spars, an aircraft manufacturer struggled with poor quality cuts and expensive scrap until switching to RobbJack’s new Solid PCD W-Point drill.

    The Problem

    Prized for its high rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio, CFRP is notoriously difficult to machine without delamination, uncut fibers and fiber pullout. One manufacturer was going through 25 carbide drills to make one ship set of wing spars, scrapping many very expensive parts along the way. The process was intolerably costly and unstable.

    Then RobbJack took on the challenge.

    The Result

    • The RobbJack Solid PCD-tipped W-point was the only tool that could meet the manufacture’s exacting design and performance standards, cutting over 4000 clean holes in tolerance; other tools struggled to get 160 holes.
    • It completely stabilized and streamlined a previously difficult and wasteful process—secondary operations were no longer required
    • Just one PCD-tipped W-point bit was sufficient to make a complete ship set of wing spars—a process that previously had gone through 25 lesser drills

    The RobbJack Solid PCD-Tipped W-Point consistently achieved clean, precise cuts. Plus, freed from the hassle and time of replacing worn drills, the manufacturer achieved increased capacity & throughput.

    General Cutting Tools is a RobbJack Tool distributor.  Contact us for more information on this RobbJack item or any other.


    October 30, 2015

    The BEST Combination Bar Puller Cut-Off Tool for CNC

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    Somma Tool has created a bar puller and cut off too in one unit!!

    This enables one operator to run several machines.

    Somma Combination Bar Puller Cut OffSynchronous adjustment

    • Single wrench turn adjusts both gripping jaws
    • Infinite size adjustment within the gripping range
    • Quick change over adjustment to the next job

    New modular design

    • Allows easy mounting and removal in any wedge lock style turret
    • Also allows mounting of the shank in any position (up to full turret depth) in the tool holder pocket

    Saves a turret position

    Rugged, compact dovetail slide construction

    Reduces cycle time – no need to index between cut off and pulling operations

    Single screw adjustment allows jaws to be set up and adjusted in minutes for next job

    One turn of screw moves both jaws in or out exactly .100″

    Screw adjustment is infinitely adjustable as opposed to serrated design that had adjustment limitations

    Jaw carriers can also be individually adjusted to simplify centering with cut off blade

    Will accept all popular brands of insert style cut off blades, which are sold separately
    Designed to accept competitiors’ jaws and jaw fingers

    Comes in 3/4″ and 1″ square shanks, standard

    Also available with 1-1/4″ and metric square shanks – price on application

    Somma Bar Puller with part demo

    August 28, 2015

    AirPRO Dust Evacuation Nut for CNC Routers


    Stop losing time and money on dust clean-up. AirPRO Dust Extracting Nut from Techniks removes virtually all dust from nested cutting operations. Simply replace your collet nut with the AirPRO. Collet and toolholder sold separately.airpro_exp

    • Greatly reduces airborne dust and dust on the floor
    • Cleaner workpiece and safer work environment
    • Ese with ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks

    Problem: dust left behind after processing.
    Dust removal can become a time-consuming health and safety problem if the dust extraction on your CNC router is inadequate. The new AirPRO from Techniks removes dust from nested cutting operations so it never has a chance to accumulate. Sawdust is ventilated directly into the CNC dust collection hood by the AirPRO, leaving a cleaner cut and clean air behind.

    NOTE: AirPRO must be used with on-size precision ER collets and tightened to torque specifications (above) using a tightening stand, torque wrench and proper adapter or warranty becomes invalid.


    General Cutting Tools is a complete Techniks tooling distributor. Contact us for more information on the AirPRO nuts or any other Techniks item.

    AirPRO Dust Extraction Nut

    Techniks AirPRO Dust Control Extraction Nut in ACTION!!

    General Cutting Tools is a complete Techniks tooling distributor. Contact us for more information on the AirPRO nuts or any other Techniks tool.

    July 27, 2015

    M.A. Ford High Performance Economy Drill FordMAX HPD

    Twister HPD Series – 5xD

    Performance, Precision, Economy

    Series HPDSR and HPDCR

    Self centering point that eliminates the need for spot drilling

    h7 OD tolerance for precision holes

    HP AlTiN Coating provides high toughness with low friction

    5X Diameter with solid and coolant through options

    4.1mm-16.0mm manufactured to DIN 6537L

    Available in both inch and metric cutting diameters

    h6 Shank OD Tolerance for shrink fit applications

    Material Applications:  Carbon Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steels and Titanium

    An economical choice perfect for job shop and batch production work requiring a high performance drill option

    M.A. Ford’s new HPD series of high performance drills offers exceptional performance at economical pricing.  Coated with HP AlTiN, the HPD series of drills ensure that regardless the application, M.A. Ford’s HPD drills can meet your entire hole making requirements.

    M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills

    M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills

    General Cutting Tools is a complete M.A. Ford cutting tool distributor.

    Contact us for more information on these or any other item in M.A. Ford’s catalog.

    M.A. Ford has one of the most complete range of drills across the industry, from high precision micro drills, micro end mills, and circuit board drills up to high performance, large diameter drills.  These are the perfect solution for machining aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloys.  When you need to drill holes, the M.A. Ford® Cyclone™ and Twister® drills have all the answers.

    To see M.A. Ford’s complete offering of high performance and general purpose drills, contact General Cutting Tools at 847-677-8770 or

    July 20, 2015

    High Quality End Mill Sharpening

    CNC sharpening

    CNC sharpening

    CNC End Mill Sharpening

    Send us your tools for sharpening and we will send you a quotation before proceeding.

    You have little to risk and much to gain with us.

    We use ANCA CNC tool cutter grinders to sharpen High Speed Steel (HSS), Cobalt, Carbide Tipped and Solid Carbide tooling.

    • Carbide End Mill sharpening
    • High Speed Steel (HSS) End Mill sharpening
    • Cobalt M42 End Mill Sharpening
    • Carbide Tipped End Mill Shapening
    • Roughing End Mill Sharpening
    • Damaged End Mill repair
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