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Customization of metal cutting tools and wood cutting tools is not a problem at General cutting tools. We have been customizing tools for our customers for over 30 years with many satisfied customers.

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August 28, 2015

AirPRO Dust Evacuation Nut for CNC Routers


Stop losing time and money on dust clean-up. AirPRO Dust Extracting Nut from Techniks removes virtually all dust from nested cutting operations. Simply replace your collet nut with the AirPRO. Collet and toolholder sold separately.airpro_exp

  • Greatly reduces airborne dust and dust on the floor
  • Cleaner workpiece and safer work environment
  • Ese with ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks

Problem: dust left behind after processing.
Dust removal can become a time-consuming health and safety problem if the dust extraction on your CNC router is inadequate. The new AirPRO from Techniks removes dust from nested cutting operations so it never has a chance to accumulate. Sawdust is ventilated directly into the CNC dust collection hood by the AirPRO, leaving a cleaner cut and clean air behind.

NOTE: AirPRO must be used with on-size precision ER collets and tightened to torque specifications (above) using a tightening stand, torque wrench and proper adapter or warranty becomes invalid.


General Cutting Tools is a complete Techniks tooling distributor. Contact us for more information on the AirPRO nuts or any other Techniks item.

AirPRO Dust Extraction Nut

Techniks AirPRO Dust Control Extraction Nut in ACTION!!

General Cutting Tools is a complete Techniks tooling distributor. Contact us for more information on the AirPRO nuts or any other Techniks tool.

July 27, 2015

M.A. Ford High Performance Economy Drill FordMAX HPD

Twister HPD Series – 5xD

Performance, Precision, Economy

Series HPDSR and HPDCR

Self centering point that eliminates the need for spot drilling

h7 OD tolerance for precision holes

HP AlTiN Coating provides high toughness with low friction

5X Diameter with solid and coolant through options

4.1mm-16.0mm manufactured to DIN 6537L

Available in both inch and metric cutting diameters

h6 Shank OD Tolerance for shrink fit applications

Material Applications:  Carbon Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steels and Titanium

An economical choice perfect for job shop and batch production work requiring a high performance drill option

M.A. Ford’s new HPD series of high performance drills offers exceptional performance at economical pricing.  Coated with HP AlTiN, the HPD series of drills ensure that regardless the application, M.A. Ford’s HPD drills can meet your entire hole making requirements.

M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills

M.A. Ford Max HPD Drills

General Cutting Tools is a complete M.A. Ford cutting tool distributor.

Contact us for more information on these or any other item in M.A. Ford’s catalog.

M.A. Ford has one of the most complete range of drills across the industry, from high precision micro drills, micro end mills, and circuit board drills up to high performance, large diameter drills.  These are the perfect solution for machining aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloys.  When you need to drill holes, the M.A. Ford® Cyclone™ and Twister® drills have all the answers.

To see M.A. Ford’s complete offering of high performance and general purpose drills, contact General Cutting Tools at 847-677-8770 or

July 20, 2015

High Quality End Mill Sharpening

CNC sharpening

CNC sharpening

CNC End Mill Sharpening

Send us your tools for sharpening and we will send you a quotation before proceeding.

You have little to risk and much to gain with us.

We use ANCA CNC tool cutter grinders to sharpen High Speed Steel (HSS), Cobalt, Carbide Tipped and Solid Carbide tooling.

  • Carbide End Mill sharpening
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) End Mill sharpening
  • Cobalt M42 End Mill Sharpening
  • Carbide Tipped End Mill Shapening
  • Roughing End Mill Sharpening
  • Damaged End Mill repair

December 26, 2014

Another Ingersoll Gold-Max 4 FFIN Finishing Face Mill

(High-Speed Video) Gold-Max 4 FFIN – Cast Iron

December 20, 2014

Gold-Max 4 FFIN Finishing Face Mill

Check out the video of Ingersoll’s GoldMax 4 FFIN face mill.
You can have high quality finishes without the need for finish grinding.

December 18, 2014

High-Quality Finishes That Can Eliminate The Need For Finish Grinding

Ingersoll Cutting Tools

General Cutting Tools – Chicago distributor

GoldMax 4 FFIN Finishing Face Mill

Super Finishing High Feed Face Mills

Cutter diameters available from 3″ through 8″

Inserts have four (4) cutting edges with built in wiper.

Micro finishing at 4x the depth of cut.

Multiple carbide insert grades for all material types.

General Cutting Tools is your complete source for Ingersoll Cutting Tools.  For more information, contact us.  847.677.8770

GoldMax 4 ffin

October 27, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Chicago – Grooving, Parting and Turning

Grooving, parting and turning with 4 cutting edges with chip former.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools Gold-Flex Quad Groove Line

Ingersoll is pleased to officially introduce Gold-Flex, the new product line that features a 4-edged insert for multifunctional operations. Suitable for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining, Gold-Flex provides excellent performance, repeatability and economy.

Gold-Flex inserts feature a high-positive chip former that enables machining in multiple applications while providing excellent chip control in plunging and lateral turning operations. The result is excellent surface finish as the chips are broken and moved away from the work piece.

The clamping system features a side torx screw and 3 cGoldFlexPicPR_240wontact points for stability and durability under demanding machining conditions. Insert indexing and changing is simple and accurate, and combined with the 4 cutting edge feature makes Gold-Flex an economical and efficient tooling system. This unique clamping design also protects the cutting edges that are not in use. Thus, if one or more of the edges are broken, the insert can simply be indexed to a new edge without adversely affecting the insert seating position.

Gold-Flex is available in widths from .020” to .125” (.5mm – 3.18mm). Lead angles and full radius inserts are also available as standard items. All inserts are available in grade TT9080, a versatile grade suitable for machining a wide variety of materials.

For more information on Gold-Flex, please contact General Cutting Tools, your Ingersoll Cutting Tools sales representative located in Chicago.

August 23, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools ISO-Plus Milling Cutter

August 21, 2014

Ingersoll Cutting Tools ISO-Plus Milling Cutter

Ingersoll cutting tools distributor Chicago, Illinois
ISO-Plus Quad 90 degree 8 cutting edges per insert milling cutters

This milling cutter is available in diameters from 2″ up to 8″.

Two Sided Technology is incorporated to the ISO Quad inserts for an Ingersoll Exclusive product named ISO Plus. Users benefit by doubling their cutting edges from 4 to 8 while also taking advantage of clean shearing pressed rake face performance for ideal machining efficiency.

Features & Benefits include:
• 8 positive cutting edges with 90° shoulder
• .50” max depth of cut
• .24” depth of cut along 90° shoulder
• Medium and high density cutter offerings
• 2.00 to 8.00” diameter range
• Cutters equipped with coolant through


Uses Inserts:
SNGU13 IN2505
SNGU13 IN2510
SNGU13 IN2530
SNGU13 IN2540
SNGU13 IN4030
SNGU13 IN6515
SNGU13 IN4015

• Stainless Steel
• Hi-temp Alloys
• Iron
• Steel

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