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Coated Abrasives

Norton sanding sponges Abrasive Sponges
Flexible, abrasive sanding sponges for sanding a wide variety of wood, metal, paint, plastic, ceramics and drywall.
Norton cloth PSA discs Cloth PSA Discs & Accessories
Norton cloth PSA individual discs and disc rolls are ideal for all maintenance and repair applications, from medium grinding to light deburring.
Norton cloth sheets-sandpaper Cloth Sheets
Cloth sheets are engineered for maximum flexing and fast cutting, and have a longer life span than paper sheets.
Norton fast track belt service FastTrack Belt Service
As the industry’s leading producer of abrasive material and backings, Norton FastTrack Belt Service offers an extensive range of made-to-order belts, shipped within two to five days.
Norton file and portable belts File and Portable Belts
Stock file belts 1/4″ to 1″ wide and 12″ to 30″ long for the most demanding, intricate shapes, profiles and materials. Portable belts for metal and workworking applications 3″ to 4″ wide and 15-1/2″ to 24″ long.
Norton fiber and AVOS discs Fiber & AVOS Discs
From premium performance Norton SG ceramic, aggressive zircona, and long lasting aluminum oxide, Norton has the industry’s most complete fiber disc offering.
Norton flap discs Flap Discs
They grind like a depressed center wheel, and finish like a fiber disc. Engineered for light stock removal, blending and finishing all in one product, flap discs can help you lower your total grinding costs.
Norton flap wheels Flap Wheels & Accessories
Designed to deliver a consistent finish with a uniform rate of cut, flap wheels are typically used in metal fabrication for blending welds, deburring, cleaning and finishing.
Norton heavy weight paper-heavy sandpaper Heavy-Weight Paper Sheets
Heavy-weight paper sheets in convenient file sheet sizes are excellent for soft material applicatons such as body filler, fiberglass and composite sanding.
Norton light weight paper-sandpaper Light-Weight Paper Sheets
Light-weight paper sanding sheets for dry sanding. Available as file sheets, cut sheets, and full 9×11 sheets and job packs.
Norton multi air discs Multi-Air Discs
Revolutionary Norton Multi-Air NorGrip Paper Discs are designed for maximum vacuum assist, with a 30% increase in dust extraction, with vitually no clogging.
Norton NORaX waterproof discs NORaX Waterproof Paper Discs
NORaX U381 waterproof paper discs have been developed for solid surface, automotive and other fine finishing operations.
Norton narrow belts Narrow Belts
A wide selection of size and grits for most dimensioning, intermediate grinding, and polishing applications. Benchstand belts 1″ to 6″ wide and 36″ to 72″ long. Backstand belts 2″ to 10″ wide and 70″ to 132″ wide.
Norton NORaX belts NORaX Engineered Abrasive
Multi-layered consistent surface pattern produces repeatable, uniform finishes from the first to last part.
Norton paper sanding discs Paper Discs & Accessories
The industry’s highest performing and broadest selection of paper discs for use on random orbital and rotary sanders.
Norton sandpaper rolls Rolls & Accessories
Paper rolls for sanding bare wood, plastic and fiberglass, and preparing primed and painted surfaces. Ideal for hand/portable sanders.
Cloth rolls for light deburring, blending machine tool marks, removing rust and scale, fine sanding and polishing of rolls and cylinders.
Norton speed lok Speed-Lok TS & TR Discs
Tool-free, twist-on and twist-off fastening systems make fast work of disc changes. Maximize productivity by minimizing downtime.
Norton waterproof sheets-sandpaper Waterproof Paper Sheets
Waterproof paper sheets available in 9×11 full sheets and convenient job packs.
Norton wide sanding belts Wide Belts
A selection of stock products to meet wide belt needs in the woodworking and metalworking industries.

Diamond & CBN

Norton diamond and cbn products Diamond and CBN Products
The “99” line of quality stock Norton Diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding products includes resin, vitrified, metal and MSL wheels/blades.
Norton diamond dressing tools Diamond Dressing Tools
Norton provides the industry’s mos comprehensive line of stock and made-to-order truing and dressing products.
Norton flexible diamond products Flexible Diamond Products
Diamond slurry coated onto a flexible backing. Choose from hand pads, PSA, or Speed-Lok TR discs.

Grinding Wheels

Norton bench and pedstal wheels Bench and Pedestal Wheels
The Norton Bench and Pedestal Wheel line encompasses three tiers and two abrasives – to answer all your deburring, shaping and sharpening needs: aluminum oxide for high speed tool steels and other metals, and silicon carbide for nonferrous metals.
Norton blank stock wheels Blank Stock Wheels – FastTrack Service
We inventory unfinished large diameter vitrified grinding wheels with a broad range of diameters, thicknesses, and hole sizes that can be quickly altered and finished to your exact required dimensions.
Norton centerless and feed wheels Centerless and Feed Wheels
Centerless grinding is a production process that produces extremely cose tolerances on metal cylindrical forms or parts. Typically for high production operations.
Norton chop saw reinforced cutoff wheels Chop Saw Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Reinforced 10″ – 16″ cut-off wheels for use on portable chop saw machines. Especially popular in the construction industry.
Norton circular saw reinforced cutoff wheels Circular Saw Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
6″ to 8″ reinforced cut-off wheels for use on electric or battery-powered circular saws.
Norton cylindrical wheels Cylindrical Wheels
Cylindrical wheels are used most often when a part is held between centers and in chucks. Three types of cylindrical grinding are plunge, traverse, and angular. Typically for high production operations.
Norton depressed center wheels Depressed Center Wheels
Norton has the right depressed center wheels for every right angle grinder application.
Norton foundry reinforced and nonreinforced cutoff wheels Foundry Reinforced and Non-reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Available in reinforced (12′ – 30″) and non-reinforced (12″ – 20″) specially formulated for foundry applications.
Norton high speed reinforced cutoff wheels High Speed Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
High speed reinforced cut-off wheels for gas, electric and walk-behind saws, in sizes 12″ to 18″. Special Rescue and Metal Decking formulations, in addition to ductile, concrete, asphalt, and metalworking.
Norton metallurgical nonreinforced cutoff wheels Metallurgical Non-Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Burn-free metallurgical cut-off wheels were developed specifically for use in sectioning samples for microscopic metal analysis.
Norton mounted points Mounted Points
Resin bond, vitrified bond, center lap, and BF3 cotton fiber mounted wheels are available in a wide range of A, B and W shapes.
Norton rail reinforced cutoff wheels Rail Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
14″ and 16″ Norton RailCut and Rail FastCut wheels for fixed rail track cutting.
Norton right angle grinder reinforced cutoff wheels Right Angle Grinder Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Reinforced cut-off wheels in Type 01 (4″ – 7″) and Type 27 (4″ – 9″) for use on right angle grinders. Choose from Good, Better and Best product tiers.
Norton small diameter reinforced cutoff wheels Small Diameter Reinforced Cut-off Wheels
Small diameter (1-1/2″ – 6″) reinforced cut-off wheels, normally used on horizontal/straight shaft grinders. Drill mount mandrel available for 2″ – 3″ cut-off wheels.
Norton snagging wheels Snagging Wheels, Cones and Plugs
For consistent, quality performance in foundries, welding shops, fabrication facilities, steel mills and shipyards, Norton snagging wheels, cones, and plugs maximize your productivity.
Norton stationary saw large diameter cutoff wheels Stationary Saw Large Diameter Cut-off Wheels
Large diameter reinforced cut-off wheels (10″ – 24″) for use on stationary shop stroke machines.
Norton surface grinding wheels and segments Surface Grinding Wheels and Segments
Surface grinding wheels and segments are generally used to grind flat stock or flat surfaces within a workpiece.
Norton toolroom cutoff wheels Toolroom Reinforced &
Non-Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

For precise, thin cuts, choose from Norton reinforced or non-reinforced 6″ – 12″ toolroom cut-off wheels.
Norton vitrified toolroom wheels Vitrified Toolroom Wheels
Norton vitrified toolroom wheels have set the standard for generations– leading the way with technological improvements to maximize performance and productivity.
Norton wire brushes Wire Brushes
Our broad Merit wire brush offering includes all the basic shapes and configurations: cups, saucer cups, wheels, end brushes and hand brushes – in standard and full cable twist knot, crimped and stringer bead designs.