Save money by sharpening and reusing the bits you already own.

Can you sharpen CNC router bits?

General Cutting Tools can sharpen CNC router bits for you.

We sharpen and condition spiral bits for 25-50% of the price of new ones.

Carbide tipped bits can be sharpened for usually less than $10.

Keep in mind that after sharpening, the diameter will be slightly smaller.

Where can I get my router bit sharpened?

General Cutting Tools is a professional cutting tool  sharpening Service provider. You can trust our experience, expertise, and cutting-edge equipment if you need a sharpened router bit. Contact us today at for a FREE Quote.

Minimum order size is 1 bit

  • Compression Router Bits
  • Mortise Compression Router Bits
  • Up Cut Router Bits
  • Down Cut Router Bits
  • Spiral O-Flute
  • Down Cut Spiral O-Flute
  • Up Cut Spiral O-Flute
  • Strait Flute
  • PCD Diamond Compression Bits
  • PCD Diamond Strait Bits