Bore Modifications

Tool Modification

Both standard and custom applications can require modified tooling or customized tool fabrication that is designed to your requirements. Personalized tools are a great option to more expensive factory-specific tools with the added benefit of creating them to your exact needs. Custom tooling is particularly suitable for uses involving advanced shapes or those where conventional tools won’t fit or complete the function you require.

Custom Tooling and Modification for Tooling Applications

Lathe tooling is done to deliver a range of metalworking operations, including drilling, sanding, cutting, knurling, facing, turning and deformation.

Turning operation and workpiece material are the two most important factors in designing your lathe tool, and the cutting edge of your tool is ground by a machinist based on these factors. High-speed cutting on a hard metal will generate heat that requires a cutting tool material that can tolerate high temperatures. The shape and profile of the cutting edge are also important and determine the direction the tool will cut and its shape as it cuts into the metal.

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Personalized Tools for Your Unique Tooling Applications

When tools become worn or no longer work for a specific application, one option is to purchase new tools that meet your application requirement. This can be expensive and not always necessary when there are more cost-effective options like tool modification.

General Cutting Tools provides custom tooling and modified tooling design to provide you with the exact tools you need to machine advanced shapes. Examples of tool modifications and custom tool fabrication we can provide can include:

  • OD modifications
  • Reshaping cutting edges
  • Surface grinding for improved cutting
  • Replacing or regrinding worn tips
  • Reconditioning and resurfacing
  • Tool profile modifications
  • Modifying tool length, shape or angle
  • Surface refurbishing or to extend tool life
  • Custom lathe tooling
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General Cutting Tools provides various services, including modified tool design, personalized tools and more.

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