The Evolution of Cutting Tools: From High-Speed Steel to Diamond Tip

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Welcome to General Cutting Tools, where innovation meets tradition in the world of cutting tools! In this video, Jeff takes us on a fascinating journey through the evolution of cutting tools, highlighting how technological advancements have revolutionized the industry.

Location: Lincolnwood, a suburb on the north side of Chicago.

With over 45 years of experience, General Cutting Tools has been at the forefront of cutting tool technology. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • High-Speed Router Bits: Discover the early days of cutting tools made entirely from high-speed tool steel. While effective, they had a limited lifespan.
  • Carbide-Tipped Tools: Learn about the game-changing introduction of carbide-tipped tools, which offered significantly better tool life—up to four times longer than their predecessors. This innovation reduced downtime and increased productivity.
  • Diamond-Tipped Tools: Enter the next generation with PCD diamond-tipped tools. These cutting-edge tools offer up to 30 times the lifespan of carbide-tipped tools, making them a cost-effective and efficient choice for any workshop.

Jeff explains the remarkable cost-effectiveness of these advancements. For example, while a carbide-tipped bit costs around $20, a diamond-tipped bit, with its vastly superior lifespan, costs about $300—saving you money in the long run.

Need the right tool for your job? Whether it’s carbide or diamond-tipped, we’re here to help! Contact us at General Cutting Tools for all your tooling needs and questions.

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