Lexington Cutter, Inc

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Lexington Cutter, a distinguished American cutting tool manufacturer and one of General Cutting Tools’ featured manufacturers, has been excelling in the industry for 75 years. Originally based in Long Island, New York, the company was relocated to Bradenton, Florida in 1987 under the ownership of Paul J. Enander. 

As a part of General Cutting Tools’ portfolio, Lexington Cutter represents our commitment to providing top-tier, reliable, and precise cutting tools. Their extensive range of products, commitment to quality, and capability to produce custom solutions align perfectly with our goal to directly offer the best tools to our customers in diverse industries.

They specialize in the following tooling products and services:

  • Precision Carbide-Tipped Cutting Tools: Specialized tools designed for efficient and precise metal removal.

  • Solid Carbide Cutting Tools: High-quality tools for various machining applications, offering durability and precision.

  • Reamers: Manufactured for accuracy and smoothness in enlarging or finishing existing holes.

  • Drill Bits: Engineered for different drilling operations in a range of materials.

  • Counterbores: Tools designed for creating flat-bottomed holes or enlarging existing holes.

  • Keyseat Cutters: Used for cutting keyways and slots with precision.

  • End Mills: Versatile tools for milling operations across various materials.

  • Side Milling Cutters: Designed for cutting the sides of workpieces.

  • Slitting Saws: Used for making precise cuts and slits in materials.

  • Dovetail Cutters: Specialized cutters for creating dovetail joints.

  • T-Slot Cutters: Tools for machining T-slots into workpieces.

  • Custom Tooling Solutions: Custom-made tools tailored to specific customer specifications and complex machining applications.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification: Assurance of quality management and continuous improvement in tool production.

  • Large Inventory of Standard Products: Over 20,000 line items available, with a high percentage in stock for quick delivery.

  • Special Solid Carbide and Carbide-Tipped Tools: Customized tools for specialized industries like automotive and aerospace.

  • Professional Support Team: Dedicated assistance for customer inquiries and custom tool production.

  • NAS (National Aerospace Specification) Reamers: Specialized tools added to their standard product line due to high demand in the aerospace industry.