Advantages of North American Tool Thread Mills

Using thread mills from North American Tool have their advantages.

We are continuing our discussion on North American Tool’s new line of thread mills.  General Cutting Tools is an authorized seller of North American Tool products.

North American Tool uses only premium micro-grain carbide construction on their thread mills.

They have spiral flutes which eliminate tool chatter, except for Single Profile design thread mills.

North American Tool have designed their thread mills specifically for internal threads.  Many thread mills can produce internal or external threads. However, 90% of all applications are internal. Therefore, North American Tool’s thread mills are designed to work better producing internal threads. Because we use a larger truncation in the root, the tool is less susceptible to breakage. We will make you an external thread tool as a non-stock standard when you need an external thread.

You will need a minimum of three (3) axis on your CNC machine to utilize all thread mills.  Thread milling requires utilization of a CNC machine capable of helical interpolation which is the simultaneous movement of three axis (X, Y and Z). The X and Y move in a circular motion while the Z moves in a linear motion. The movement of X and Y will determine the thread diameter, whereas the movement of Z along with the tool (exception is single profile) will determine the pitch, or lead during thread production.

North American Tool thread mills can reduce the number of setups required for a job.  If the same number of threads (TPI) are needed for multiple diameters, there is no need to change the tool.

Thread mills eliminates the need to reverse the spindle as is the case with conventional tapping applications.

One thread mill will handle various bore diameters so long as the pitch is the one required.

North American Tool thread mills can produce an internal thread all the way to the bottom of the hole.

Exceptional thread quality is possible on a wide variety of materials including specific designs for aluminum and exotic materials.

Solid carbide thread mills have better rigidity than high speed steel (HSS) or premium high speed steel (HSSE) materials.

North American Tool’s thread mills’ standard coolant tools are axial, but radial coolant holes are available as specials.