Hole Making

BTA Drills T-Cap Multifunctional Tools
Qwik Ream Quad Drill 4xD up to 3-1/4″
Grade IN6520 Drill-IN XL 20xD Drilling
Quad Drill Plus 5xD Chipbreaker “HP” for Aluminum
Uni-Dex Single-Edged Reamer Flat Bottom Square Insert Indexable Drill
Hole Making Catalog
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Plunging Cutters D’Andrea Boring Systems
Form Master Hi Pos Quad 90° Lead Mills
Form Master CERA Form Master WAVE Button Cutters
SMax Finish Face Mills S-Max 18mm Insert Face Mill
S-Max High Feed Mills Finish Ball Backdraft Inserts
QuadPlus Finish Milling Cutters Evo-Tec Face Mills
TETRA HiPos+ Insert Mills Iso-Plus 90° Face Mill
Iso-Plus 45° and 15° Face Mills Hi-Pos Quad Extended Flute Mills
Precision Ball Nose Indexable Carbide Insert End Mill
Power Feed Plus — High Feed Milling Technology
Power Feed+ MINI — High Feed Milling Technology
Fast Break Indexable Carbide Radius End Mills
InnoFit Heavy Dudy Modular Tooling System
Form Master Speed — Hi Feed Mill
Top On Round Carbide Insert Mills
Top On Round Carbide Insert with Carbide Shank Mills
Roung-Air — For the Aerospace Industry
Rough & Semi-Finishing Indexable Ball Nose
Power-Quad+ High Axial Shear 45° Face Mill
Chase-Octs 45° Lead Angle Face Mill
Max Line  
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Secection Guide
S-Max Cutters
V-Max Cutters
Evo-Tec Cutters
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Modified Standards & Specials
Product Worksheets – Appendix
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Chase Milling Family
ISO Milling Insert
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T-Clamp Ultra & Ultra Plus Modular T-Clamp
TaeguLine New Product Update T-Type Tool Holders
Mini-Turn — Small Part Machining Wiper Inserts — Ceramic & CBN
T-Clamp Ultra+ Blades for Face Grooving Operations
Hex-Turn — 6 Sided Honeycomb Shaped Insert
“PC” Chipbreaker for All Steel Applications
Turning Catalog  
Boring Bars
Technical Information
Turning Insert Grades
Grade TT7100 Grade AB2010
T-Cast Grade TT7310 CVD Coated Grade TT8115
CVD Coated Grade 8125 AlphaAL
TT9200 Series Turning Grades for Stainless Steel


Bridgeport Cutting Head Shanks
CAT50 Top-On Master Shanks
Qwik-Adjust Adjustable Arbor

Insert Grades

AB2010 IN6520
TT7100 TT7310
TT8115 TT8125
TT9200 Series Turning Grades for Stainless Steel


Chipbreakers for Exotic Materials
Vibration Free Chip Breaker “VF”
“HP” for Aluminum Drilling