North American Tool Thread Mills


Thread Mills

North American Tool Corporation has introduced a new line of standard solid carbide thread mills.

North American Tool is now making Thread Mills.

Do you have a three axis (or more) CNC machine? Is that machine modern enough to have a circular interpolation program already installed? Can you manually install a program to run thread mills? If you can say yes, you can use thread mills to some significant advantages over traditional tapping applications.

North American Thread mills help you and your shop in a variety of ways:

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  • Exceptional quality threads on a variety of materials including specific styles for exotic materials and aluminum.
  • Depending on the work in your shop, fewer thread mills may be required to produce threads than the number of taps needed for the same jobs (no need for taper, plug and bottom forms).
  • Tap breakage (caught in piece part hole) is virtually eliminated.
  • Less horsepower is required for similar jobs, smaller chips, less stress on tool.
  • Thread mills are particularly well-suited for thin walled work pieces versus taps.
  • Multiple H Limits can be achieved with the same tool based on programming expertise.
  • Cut RH and LH threads with the same tool.
  • Thread blind holes to the bottom.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive taps and tapping chucks.
  • Helical form disperses the chip load more efficiently to allow for a smoother cut and finish on piece part.
  • When the length of the tapped hole exceeds the ideal recommendations from engineering, thread mills can reach deeper without similar consequences.
  • Taps may be used up to 45 RC with few issues. 45 RC to 50 RC may require special geometry to accommodate. Carbide thread mills will handle material up to 60 RC and could be modified to tackle up to 65 RC.

With helical flute design, these thread mills are made of premium micro-grain carbide for increased life and improved thread quality.

North American Tool offers the following thread mills:

  • General purpose thread mills in inch and metric sizes with bright finish or TiAlN coating;
  • Coolant-through thread mills in inch and metric sizes with bright finish or TiAlN coating;
  • NPT/NPTF pipe sizes with bright finish or TiAlN coating;
  • Pipe sizes for Exotic materials with AlCrN coating;
  • Pipe sizes for Aluminum with ZrN coating;
  • Material-specific thread mills for Exotic materials with AlCrN in inch and metric sizes;
  • Material-specific thread mills for Aluminum with ZrN coating in inch and metric sizes;
  • Single profile (single plane) thread mills with bright and TiAlN coating for the versatility to create varying pitches with a single tool.

A new line of thread mills is available in standard sizes and features, as well as custom tools customized to customer specifications.