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Special Step Tools

Special Step Tools Chicago

Special step drills and step tools are nothing new for General Cutting Tools. Whether it is made from high speed steel, carbide tipped or solid carbide, we can accommodate. Our 7-axis CNC tool cutter grinders and artisan tool makers have the knowledge and equipment to make you that special tool.


Special Step Tools

Mueller Reamer for deflashing

Full custom, special tooling can be made at General Cutting Tools. General Cutting Tools has been manufacturing these special, world-class quality tooling for plastic bottle manufacturers for over 30 years. These are used for removing the flashing burr from the openings on plastic bottles. The catch to making these is that we had to anticipate the size of the opening due to the plastic has not completely cured.

General Cutting Tools master toolmakers uses 7 axis CNC (Computer Numeric Control) tool cutter grinders and the highest quality abrasives to produce our tooling. We have the experience and equipment to make the right tool for you, the first time, and you will not have to wait a long time to get them.

Mueller Reamer for deflashing

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