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Step Reamers

We Make ALL Types of Step Reamers

A reamer is for precision diameter holes within .0005 Inches or 10 times thinner than a sheet of paper.

Custom Made Carbide, High-Speed, Cobalt Step Reamer Cutting Tools

  • Custom Dimensions
  • Flexible Tolerances
  • ThruCoolant/Coolant Thru
  • Coating
  • Strict Quality Control

Our reamers are specially designed and built for high accuracy, tight tolerance machining. Multi-step, tapered, helical and straight flute reamers are available.

We provide custom coolant, different coatings, and special features for your custom carbide reamers.

Expedited services and blanket pricing available upon request.

We provide the precision needed for aerospace applications.

Our top performing reamers are optimized with your application in mind.


  • Hole reaming with custom steps & forms
  • Composites Reamer Counter Sink
  • Reams and countersinks in one operation
  • One-piece solid carbide design for tighter tolerances

Drill Reamer

  • Drill & Ream in one operation
  • Used CNC and Manually
  • Eliminates delimitation and uncut fibers in Carbon Fiber (CFRP) composites.

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